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Hotel architectural visualization gallery. Experience the allure of exquisite designs, lavish interiors, and breathtaking views that redefine the concept of…


Welcome to my website, where I showcase my architectural visualization projects and architectural photography completed at different times. The purpose of this website is to demonstrate the level of my work to clients, potential project sponsors, and simply friends. This is the third version of the website since 2009, and some of the projects have become outdated, but they hold sentimental value to me.

The Archive section features projects published on the website from 2009. Each publication includes several renders from the current project. They can represent visualizations of a single interior or multiple interiors. There is no specific logic to the publications, except for my subjective selection.

The Portfolio section provides a collection of themed projects for quick reference. Most of these projects may also be found in the Archive section, as they overlap thematically.

The website is not planned to be regularly updated. Instead, new works will be added as noteworthy renders become available.

Also, some of the pages show portfolio photos of the architect and partner Ekaterina.


Alexander Smetanin

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