Hello! My name is Alexander, and this website* is created with one simple goal – to showcase some of my work in the field of architectural visualization & architectural photography, which I occasionally engage in. Some of the projects were done quite a while ago, while others are more recent. However, overall, you can get an impression of the quality of the work I produce. Please note that the publication date on the website does not correspond to the project execution time.

I don’t plan to update this website frequently, so new additions will be rare. I may be able to show some additional work in person, as their online publication is prohibited.

For visualization inquiries, please contact me via email at shurlin “at”

Currently, my main focus is project management in the Digital Media field and large-scale visualization projects. In my free time, I create simple websites on WordPress and pursue photography, including capturing interior designs.

*And yes, this website is not the best example of my work. It was quickly put together for portfolio purposes without the intention of showcasing my web design skills. Thank you for understanding.